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Seeing Red

When my son was born, I was equal parts overjoyed and overwhelmed. To make the hardest days a little easier, I made an effort to indulge in the things that made me feel like myself. So, every two weeks, my husband, son and I would load ourselves in the car and my boys would stroll around the city while I would ease into a manicure chair and get my nails done. In the beginning, the catharsis of sitting in that chair was so intense, I couldn’t process anything beyond that hour of relaxation. The act of picking a polish color seemed to be too much for my synapses to handle, so every time I’d just ask for red. Always red. And honestly, it elevated every milk-stained sweatshirt; I would just look at my nails and feel good.

Now that we’ve settled into a routine, I’ve been able to deviate from my old stand-by (OPI GelColor in Big Apple Red) and experiment. But, old habits die hard and my current rotation is of the plummy, berry and beat-stained variety. NARS Jungle Red is a staple and lends a sophistication to even my easiest outfits; NARS Follow Me is the new pink that’s inspired more by the culinary world than the 18 and under crowd; and Jin Soon’s Audacity adds the perfect amount of drama for a night out (even one where the baby tags along).


*pictured, NARS Jungle Red cradled by Jonathan Adler’s “Eve Hand“.

xx, mg


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