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Mr. G is a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. While he is happy in a pair of Wranglers, over the years I have tried to inject a little style into his wardrobe. Of course, I have met with varying degrees of success, and have a button-down cardigan that never saw the light of day to prove it.

On a recent visit to Bethesda, I spotted a new storefront for the online retailer Bonobos. Struck by their Mrs. Robinson-inspired styling and vibrant display of chinos, I politely asked Mr. G if I could drag him in for a little fall update.

The Bonobos Guideshop is a novel concept, providing a brick and mortar location for an exclusive e-tailer business. At the Guideshop, you can see, touch and try-on representative sizes for their range of men’s casual and business attire, but all purchases are made online. Appointments are available, but walk-ins are welcomed graciously. They offer free, two-day shipping and a generous, 90-day full-refund return policy (365 days for exchange or credit).

The chinos, jeans, and shirts come in both slim and straight fits. The straight fit is certainly more tailored than other brands, while the slim is downright slim. Mr. G placed an order for a pair of straight fit, washed chinos (in “Chino Grigios“, no less) that were beautifully fitted but not so slim to veer into “skinny pant” territory and out of his comfort zone. A navy, “Ging Crosby” gingham shirt (also standard, but cut to perfection) and a shawl-collar Ishmael “sweatshirt” (that he can wear out for dinner but still feels like an old favorite) were added and the stylist offered a 20% promotion for the first timer.

When the items arrived on our doorstep two days later, we were total converts. He feels casual and comfortable, but looks cool and put-together. Now if only I could convince Mr. G that he doesn’t need an occasion to wear great-looking clothes… or perhaps, one day, a pair of colored pants.

Bonobos Guideshop – Bethesda: 7126 Bethesda Ln, Bethesda, MD 20814. (301) 986-7949

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