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My Bonnie Baby

Tracey Samuel is one of those fabulous childrenswear designers who makes clothing for babies as it should be. Her designs for Bonnie Baby London are bright and whimsical, in soft cottons and cashmere, without all of the silly superlatives and neon pink ruffles.

I first learned of Bonnie Baby when I stumbled across a photo of an intarsia knit “Apple of Daddy’s Eye” onesie. My then unborn son’s nickname was “Appleseed” (his relative size when we learned I was expecting) and I almost squealed at the discovery. Unfortunately, I was a little late to the game (the Gwyneth Paltrow-effect was out in force with this one), but I fell in love with her range.

The first purchase I ever made for our son was a Bonnie Baby fox-motif receiving blanket, which covered him the day he come home from the hospital and has weathered all variety of baby-related accidents without any trouble. Since then, I have invested in additional Bonnie Baby items, to include this fun cotton playsuit with striped arms. I have gently washed all of their cotton knits with Woolite, most a number of times, and they have emerged in pristine order every time, even after an enthusiastic playtime and steamed carrots.

You can purchase Bonnie Baby items internationally from their website, International shipping is inexpensive and packages arrive in the United States within 1-14 working days. As an incentive to explore a designer from across the pond, friends of Bonnie Baby can enjoy 25% off until November 15th with promotional code WINTER25. I am currently loving the Polar Fairisle “Milton” playsuit, “Dante” cotton baby blanket, and seasonal “Rocky” sweater with a robin redbreast. And, if you’re still palpitating over the birth of the Royal Prince, how’s “One’s Onesie” for a bit of fun?

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xx, mg


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