On Expectation and Disappointment

After years of experience  – and possibly, delusion – I have come to believe that expectation begets disappointment.  Not necessarily hope, but absolute expectation; that something will happen in a way that I anticipate. Be it with family, or career, or football teams or Pinterest recipes, expectation has resulted in many sour tears. Now, I try to make a conscious effort to do things the way I think is best for me, to conduct myself with grace, and to enjoy my life, as much as I can, for the process and not the product. As Mr. G will tell you, this works to varying degrees of success in different parts of my life. I’m sure he will tell you that, in many ways, I’m failing miserably at it. But, baby steps, Bob.

So, baby steps to Pinterest. I know Pinterest has its fair share of rotten apples scattered amongst all of those beautifully photographed pastries and beauty products and Fall sweater picks; to imagine otherwise would be to imagine that science experiments always prove our theories. I was bound to bite into one eventually, especially since the bait always looks so appealing.

Now tell me: have you ever seen such a gorgeous, twisty, delicious-looking confection?


Spoiler alert: It’s awful.

(At least, what I made was awful. That – now THAT – might have been amazing.)

Without further ado, I give you the most beautiful, bland, yeasty Swedish cinnamon rolls to ever emerge from Pinterest’s pages, which I enjoyed making so much but sit on my counter, untouched, two days later. And I don’t even mind.

xx, mg


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