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Washington’s Green Grocer

For the past six months, Mr. G and I have participated in a biweekly delivery service from Washington’s Green Grocer. Offering locally grown and organic produce and regionally produced dry goods, they provide a unique opportunity for us to explore locally sourced products with the convenience of a delivery service.

Every two weeks, we receive a large box of seasonal, local produce delivered to our doorstep. Each box is different, depending on harvest times and produce availability. Generally, the boxes include a few staples, such as sweet potatoes, hydroponic lettuce and apples, but we have encountered a number of unique items – that we probably wouldn’t purchase otherwise – such as watermelon radishes and carnival squash. We enjoy finding new recipes to accommodate new ingredients, and it has been particularly fun with our son, who hasn’t met a steamed vegetable he didn’t like (keep your fingers crossed this continues!). I’m all too happy to include unique, regional foods in his diet to establish an adventurous palette early on.

Boxes are highly customizable. You can select not only the types of produce you receive (fruit, vegetables, or both) but areas from which they are sourced. Some boxes are local only, while others include more far-flung options, such as avocados from South America and oranges from California. We receive a local-only box, which costs $32.50 per delivery. Our produce list is e-mailed to us the night before delivery and we have an opportunity to substitute some foods for others, which is particularly helpful if you have a food aversion or an already well-stocked pantry. We can also add other goodies, like eggs and cheese, baked goods, cold press juices, and canned foods like pickles and jams, all produced by local companies. In the past, we’ve enjoyed duck eggs, caramels, and juices with our regular deliveries.

If you are interested in a produce delivery service, Washington’s Green Grocer is certainly worth a look. You can find them online at


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