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Gone are the days of the hard and fast resolution. As I get older, my New Year’s resolutions become more abstract and simply efforts toward general contentment and increased self-confidence. I’m not going to hold myself to those size 2 Theory slacks sitting in the bottom drawer of my dresser like I would in years past, as that’s riddled with negative self-talk and the looming threat of failure. Strides toward improved well-being and happiness certainly encompass many of the same behavioral changes and attitude adjustments, but the process feels more peaceful. As they say, you catch more flies with honey.

This year I resolve to make myself a priority, whatever that looks like. I think new mothers on the whole suffer from self-love guilt, that caring for yourself distracts you from caring for your children. I’ll disagree wholeheartedly; happy mothers make happy children and happy mothers take time for themselves.

So, here’s to 2014 and a happier, healthier Mrs. G.

1. Reconnect with my husband.

Mr. G and I have yet to spend the night away from our son, for no other reason than he’s integrated so beautifully into the things we enjoy. But, as part of my resolution, I have booked two nights at our favorite B&B, Lake Pointe Inn, for a few days of adults-only rest, relaxation and skiing. I’m excited to spend so much time with Mr. G in the way that we used to, sitting across the table from one another and lingering as long as we’d like with a bottle of wine.

2. Exfoliate, Hydrate, Repeat.

I’ve let my skin care regimen fall to the wayside. While I’ve yet to sleep in my make-up, I haven’t kept up with “bolt-on” skin care. I’ve pulled out a few of my trusty standbys (as well as a few well-loved products that were verboten before Frankie was weened, welcome back!) to motivate me to get back into a regular skin care schedule. Dr. Dennis Gross’ Daily Alpha Beta Peel is proving to be a fool-proof way to incorporate regular, daily exfoliation, and the REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Peel is perfect for that weekly pick-me-up. Origins Drink-up Intensive is on my nightstand (next to a tall glass of water!) for a nice shot of hydration a few times a week.

3. Let go.

I’ve surprised myself as a mother. I can admit that the “Mommy Wars” don’t get to me and it’s something I didn’t anticipate considering my level of pre-baby anxiety. But, I feel like I’ve made the best choices for IV. I’m proud of the successes I’ve had, and I don’t compare myself to other mothers. However, I can’t say the same thing as a woman. So, 2014 is the year of letting go, of the insecurity, the self-doubt, and discomfort of being a woman who feels not-quite-enough when stacked up against other women. That’s letting go of my own negative feelings, but also giving myself permission to let go of triggers, too.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?




3 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. That’s a beautiful photo! I have really abstract resolutions this year, but a lot of them have little, easy, concrete steps to take each day (be healthier -> drink x amount of water, eat x amount of veg, 20 minutes walk a day), which is so far stopping me from getting distracted 🙂

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