Sunday Round-up, #GIRLSnight

With the return of GIRLS and two of my favorite comediennes hosting the Golden Globes, tonight all but promises to be the most epic Girls Night In. Rest assured my TiVo will be working overtime so I don’t miss a thing. While flipping between channels, I’ll be sporting my new favorite comfy pants (mesh crop top entirely optional) and enjoying a glass (or two) of champagne.

Here are a few items to compliment the evening – consider it light reading during all of those commercial breaks:


  1. Martha Stewart reveals her skin care regimen to the New York Times. Say what you will about Martha (I am still on the fence), but when a woman with impeccable taste and a bottomless bank account tells you what she trusts, you listen.
  2. The Reiko Kaneko “Lip Tease” mug is perfect for any lipstick lover.
  3. Cider is an exciting alternative to sparkling wine. I love Farnum Hill ciders, especially the Extra Dry and still Kingston Black. They have a great, if short, FAQ page on how to enjoy them. There are a number of similar craft operations but, if you’re just putting your toes in the water, Stella Artois recently stepped into the US cider game and their “Cidre” is a great commercial alternative to the sometimes cloying Woodchuck. Whip out your crystal and give them a try!

xx, mg


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