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Rosa Mundi

Scents are a highly subjective matter, and one I won’t claim to be able to sway anyone on. Rose, especially, can be highly polarizing, invoking English gardens or Nana’s powder puff depending on who you ask. But the Diptyque Rosa Mundi candle is sure to be universally appealing; it’s rose of the delicious, honeyed variety and smells of fresh blooms in the summer, complex and sweet.

I use Diptyque candles throughout my home, but Rosa Mundi has pride of place in my bathroom and has quickly become the highlight of my nightly bathing ritual, in conjunction with the Jo Malone Red Roses bath oil. I light this candle and close the bathroom door while the water runs, so the room is filled with fragrance by the time I’m ready to dip in. It makes bathing feel luxurious and miles away from the my little space on Osage.

The Rosa Mundi candle is a limited release from Diptyque, so snatch it up while you can. Their 6.5oz candles last a few months with frequent burning but are well worth the expense solely for the complexity of fragrance.

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