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Working On Working Out

When my husband and I decided to start on that crazy journey toward parenthood, my health came sharply into focus. But, while I became hyper-focused on my body during all of those months of doctors visits, constant blood tests and horse pill prenatals, my fitness level waned significantly. It was as if I didn’t have enough space in my mind to focus on so many things at once. Something had to get pushed out to make room for folic acid, no matter if that something was so ironically critical to the task at hand (pregnancy brain is real, my dears, and there’s no reasoning with it).

After my son was born it was hard to find the time and energy to work out. At four months postpartum, Mr. G and I made our first attempt and joined a Crossfit gym that kicked the living daylights out of us on the regular. It was fun, but it was difficult to coordinate both of our schedules and we’d end up swapping a quick kiss and a car seat between his sweat session and mine. It was hardly sustainable for new parents who wanted a little together time and so we parted ways with our beloved Crossfit gym.

By the time my son turned one, those old excuses started sounding a little stale and I desperately wanted to make another effort to get back into exercise. To encourage myself, I found a gym that appealed to the aesthete in me (all thanks to DCFitCrasher) and provided more flexibility in scheduling. I splurged on some new workout gear and then, three weeks ago, I finally bit the bullet and attended my first barre and spin classes at the adorable Biker Barre in Capitol Hill.


Can I tell you, I was instantly hooked. As in, after a class of each, I happily set down my credit card for an unlimited month of classes and now look forward to them immensely. Their spin classes are high intensity, high energy events that take place in a dimly lit studio filled with loud music and lots of sweat. When the playlist transitioned from old school Britney to Icona Pop, I was so amped I almost couldn’t feel the burn. As a nice foil, their barre classes are relatively sweat-free toning sessions that will make you feel like a principle at the New York City Ballet. They’re focused on miniscule, low-weight movements that are surprisingly difficult and will leave your seat sufficiently sore.

If you live in the DC Metro area, join me for a class? I promise you can pretend not to know me when I start singing during a 6am spin sesh. Before you come, check out some of my new favorite workout gear for a little incentive. Zella is a recent find and their compression leggings are so good, you almost don’t need to work out. Almost.

                            Workout(1. ToeSox Half Toe Bella Gripper 2. Zella Moto Jacket  3. Zella Streamline Live-in Mesh Inset Capri 4. Zella Live-in Eclipse Legging 5. Nike Free Run 5.0+)

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