Pendulum Swings and goop

We all have people in our lives that we’ve fallen away from. Sometimes the end is explosive, two forces pushing away from each other as far and as fast as they can. Sometimes it’s a slow fizzle –  like a flame at the end of a wick – and neither party realizes what’s happening until the light goes out. Either way, the relationship ends and for a reason (whether the reason was good or not).

But sometimes, as if by magic, something happens in our lives and we realize how silly we were, or how differently we’d act as older, wiser versions of ourselves. Those people we once walked away from transform again into people we actually really like. Even love. If you’re lucky, you’ll have sense enough to realize it. If you’re really lucky, you’ll be brave enough to do something about it. I have a few of those people. I’m sure (and I hope) most of us do.

How many of you count Gwyneth Paltrow among them, too?

It’s ridiculous, sure, to include a celebrity in the list of people you’ve made peace with. But, as I’ve gotten older, I’ll tell you that I’ve found love for so many of the things she says that might have once met with a giant, emphatic eye roll. She was once offensive, right? Obnoxious, smug, self-righteous… Maybe you’re still there. But for me, all past. I can see her for what she is and what I see now is kind of awesome.

Let this not devalue the great significance of those real life re-connections, because they are huge and important. But, this is as important as it is silly, too. At the heart of it, a change in taste is a reminder that we aren’t stagnant. We’re moving. I’m always a little thrilled to see that I have the capacity to be different than I once was, and how.

With my new-found appreciation for Gwynnie, I’ve gone through some of her goop archives and found treasures. Dry brushing? Yes, please. Juice cleanses? Sign me up (did, hated it). Rag & Bone booties? Man, I’m right there with you. For some, these things might sound ridiculous, shallow, trend-focused. Maybe they are? But they’re also indicative of changing priorities: a tilt toward better health, doing well for and by myself, investing in quality. All things I’m glad this once self-conscious, self-loathing young woman has learned to embrace and nurture.

Sometimes there are fireworks after the explosion, after the strange silence when the sky is dark. Perhaps they’re not big and impressive, but small and elicit no more than a simper. All the same, they exist for a moment just for us, to take from them what we wish.

Let’s return to our regular schedule soon, shall we? I’ve missed you.

xx, mg


**Photo credit: It’s All Good










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